Import maintenances

A maintenance i subject to a property unit and it is highly recommended that maintenances are imported in a separate sheet, where they are tied to a unit by the corresponding ID. Certain headers are mandatory in order to import a maintenance, but additional details can also be imported by optional headers.

If a unit ID, date and type are imported via Excel, but the corresponding values are already in the database, the existing maintenance is updated.

Mandatory headers

Column title DescriptionAllowed values
Unit IDA unit ID of the unit subject to the lease contractString
Unit maintenance costCost of the maintenanceNumber
Unit maintenance dateDate of a maintenanceDate
Unit maintenance typeType of maintenanceAdministration, Balcony, Bathroom, Bricklaying, Carpenter, Chimneys, Cleaning, Doors, Drainage & Groundworks, Electrician, Electricity bill, External wall,  Fitter/Cleaner/Handyman/PlastererRepairs, Floorer, Gas & Heating, Glazier, Heating bill, Insurance, Interiors, Lift, Management charge, Misc, Operation and maintenance, Outdoor maintenance, Plumber, Property tax, Rent, Repairs, Roofer, Safety & Security, Sitework, Waste manangement, Water and wastewater.

* Attempting to import a maintenance with an incompatible part will raise an error and the row will not be saved in the database.

Optional headers

Column title DescriptionAllowed values
Unit maintenance descriptionFree descriptionString