Skenarios support


Overview of the most important features of the properties in the current portfolio is presented in this tab. The main figure is the present Vacancy rate, which is updated in a daily basis. 

Number of expiring leases

The stacked bar chart shows the count of fixed term and an estimation1 of continuous leases that are about to expire.

Current distribution of vacancy rate

Present vacancy rate of units in a portfolio by usage type. Here you also see if you have units which have never been leased, these are labeled as "Never leased units".

Property area history

Gross floor area of the units in a portfolio is displayed with respect to the build year of the buildings attached to units. 

Gross floor area

Total area of the units in a portfolio.

Average floor area

Average floor area of the units in a portfolio.

Property details

The count of property groups, property buildings and property units in a portfolio.

  1. The estimation assumes the worts case scenario; a lease expires today according to the first termination date and notice period duration, or today if these are not determined.