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Overview of the most important technical features  of the buildings and the units in the current portfolio is presented in this tab. The main figure of the technical features is the Next 10 years renovation costs, which is the sum of all building renovations1 (excluding unit renovations), is presented in the tab. 

Renovation forecast

All estimated unit and building renovations of the properties in the portfolio is shown in the stacked bar chart. Note, that the building renovation costs are total costs, not costs in relation to the units owned/administered in the building.

Renovation list

The most expensive renovations subject to the buildings in a portfolio for the upcoming years are listed. Maximum five renovations are shown per a year and renovations to which there is no estimate are ranked the highest in the list.

Last 3 years maintenance

The unit maintenance costs of the past 3 years and the current year.

Energy consumption forecast

Estimated energy consumption per square meter electricity, heating, and cooling demands of the buildings in a portfolio.

Technical details

10-year renovation per m2: Next 10 years renovation costs for the next decade per gross floor area of the building.

Repair cost over property valueNext 10 years renovation costs per the sum of the estimated values of the units in a portfolio.

Heating demand: Estimated heating energy consumption of the buildings per m2.

Electricity demand: Estimated electricity energy consumption of the buildings per m2.

Cooling demand: Estimated cooling energy consumption of the buildings per m2.

  1. SkenarioLabs analytics is used to assume renovations.