Skenarios support

Property group view

Property group is a group of multiple buildings or units. Most of the time, property groups have at least one building. Units existing in the group may or may not be attached with any buildings inside the current group.

Group details

The basic details of the current group are shown in the view and editable.

To edit the details, simply "Edit" button located at the bottom left of the table. "Property ID" and "Name" fields are mandatory to our service.

User can remove the group by clicking "Remove group" button located on the bottom right of the table. A confirmation popup will show and user will be redirected to property list after the confirmation

Besides the basic information such as ID, name, description, there is a number of custom parameters vary depending on organisation settings. For the other fields, please contact your organisation administrator for more info.

Building list

This list includes all the existing buildings belong to the current group. 

User can remove buildings by clicking the trash bin icon on the right side.

Unit list

The shows all the existing units belong the to the current group.

User can add more unit into the list by clicking "Add unit" button and follow the instruction for creating a new unit

Renovation forecast

The stack bar chart shows the forecasting cost for renovation in the next 10 years, starting from the current year