Optimization tool can be accessed from the top bar of the Skenarios-service. Optimization tool optimizes renovations and improvements of property portfolio based on parameters.

To optimize portfolio

  1. Select a portfolio from list
  2. Enter optimization parameters
  3. Click "Optimize" to start the process
  4. Results will appear on the "Optimization plans" -list.

The process might take a while, so please be patient. The form will display the results if they are available soon. If not, it will show a notification that there's delay in processing the data.

Create new optimization plan

The form is used to create a new optimization plan.

Optimization prioritySorting priority of optimization results.
Annual budgetAnnual budget for repairs. This is used to limit repairs for each year.
Start yearFirst year of optimization plan
UntilLast year of optimization plan
Group renovations by propertyIf possible, try to group repairs to same property to the same year, even if not all match the Optimization priority criteria.
Optimize for block and building level renovationsOptimize only major, building and real estate level repairs
Optimize for property unit and flat level renovationsOptimize property unit, such as flat or apartment level renovations.

All fields are mandatory.

Optimization plans for selected portfolio

Optimization plans table shows most recent optimization plans for portfolio's properties.

ShowDisplays optimization plan's results
DownloadAllows downloading selected optimization plan as an Excel sheet.
DeleteRemoves selected optimization plan.

Optimization plan

Displays details of the selected optimization plan.

PropertyProperty id
Renovation targetPart which should be maintained according to the plan
InvestmentEstimated cost of renovation
Yearly saving

Estimated annual saving. The savings estimation consists almost entirely of heating energy cost reduction. Both yearly savings, as well as investment values, are best effort estimations. Investment is an estimated cost of part change in the shown property. Annual savings an estimation of potential annual savings in energy and maintenance costs if the part will be changed in the displayed property.