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Leases are subject to property units and it is highly recommended that leases are imported in a separate sheet, where they are tied to a unit by the corresponding ID. Certain headers are mandatory in order to import a lease, but additional details can also be imported by optional headers.

SkenarioLabs Analytics assumes there is maximum one active lease per a unit. If a unit ID and an activation date are imported via Excel so that a lease with corresponding values is already in the database, the existing lease is updated.

Mandatory headers

Column title DescriptionAllowed values
Unit IDA unit ID of the unit subject to the lease contractString
RentMonthly rentNumber
Activation dateStarting date of the leaseDate*

* Attempting to import a renovation with an incompatible part will not raise an error, but the renovation is changed to Miscellaneous repair. Furthermore, importing a renovation for a non-existing part will not raise an error, but the renovation is changed to Part change (thus creating the part)date values if alignment is left it will cause fail. Edit date formatting such that alignment is on the right side.

Optional headers

Column title DescriptionAllowed values
Notice period durationLease notice period in daysInteger
TenantFree description of a tenantString
Lease type**Continuous or fixed term lease contractUntil further notice, Fixed length
Expiration dateExpiration date of a fixed term leaseDate
First possible termination dateFirst possible expiration date of a continuous lease contractDate

**Lease type is assumed to be continuous if lease type is not given.