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Skenarios service has an API which can be used to maintain portfolio and properties. The base URL for all requests is


200 OKYour request was processed successfully
201 CreatedYour request was processed successfully, an object was created
400 Bad RequestSomething is wrong in the received data or query. This is most likely a format issue.
401 UnauthorizedYour request was not authorized, please check the JWT token.
403 ForbiddenThe user-specified in the JWT token has no access privileges on the given object.
404 Not FoundThe requested service doesn't exist
422 Unprocessable EntitySent parameters were understood, but their content was problematic. Please check your input.
500 Internal Server ErrorWhoops! This is embarrassing, something unexpected happened. We'll take a look at the issue as soon as possible. 


Inserts a building to a portfolio corresponding the id. Portfolio Id is got either from the API call or from the web service's portfolio overview

To add the building to portfolio, provide buildingId and name. To calculate renovations for building you need to provide floorArea, buildYear, buildingType, floors and location details. Location details should be address, postalCode and city.


NameTypeIs mandatory?Description
buildingIdStringYesUnique Building id, given by the organisationorganization
nameStringYesBuilding name
Build year of the property building
Free text description of the property
Country code of the property building, allowed values are FI and UK.
Type of the main property: row house, office, commercial building, detached house, leisure house, apartment, school, retail building, industrial building, garage, warehouse, generic building
The primary building material of the walls of the building. Allowed values are empty, brick, wood, concrete
primary heating source, allowed values are: ground, electric, district, wood, oil, gas, other.
Number of balconies in the property
Total number of property units in the property
Total number of lifts in the property
The total number of floors in the property, the ground floor being 1. If a double value is sent, it will be rounded up to the nearest integer e.g. 1.5 will be rounded to 2
Total number of balconies in the property
Total gross floor area of the property, including cold and heated spaces in m2. If a double value is sent, it will be rounded up to the nearest integer e.g. 99.80 will be rounded to 100
Total gross volume of the property, including cold and heated spaces in m3.
Street address of a building. This is mandatory unless building id matches with known national property ids.
Postcode of a building.
City where a building is located.
If true, tries to find an existing property with building and address details. If found uses that and updates with given other details. Otherwise, creates a new one and returns it.
An array of specific properties related to this building. The exact keys depend on the organization, however, common keys for everybody are presented in table below. For example: [{"propertyId":"LOT_OWNED", "value" :"yes"},{"propertyId":"LOT_SIZE", "value" :1400}]


An array of specific values related to this property. Keys are presented in the table below. For example: [{"type":"MONTHLY_LOT_LEASE_AMOUNT", "value" :350}]