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Skenarios service has an API which can be used to maintain portfolio and properties. The base URL for all requests is


Swagger documentation can be found here:

Authorization and security


NUMBER_OF_ROOMSTotal count of bedrooms and living room(s). Leave out kitchen and bathrooms. This is mandatory for getting value estimation.
KITCHEN_TYPEType of the kitchen in the property. Allowed values are: Kitchen, Open Plan Kitchen, Kitchenette, Small Kitchen, Kitchenette w/ window, Scullery
SAUNADoes the property have a sauna, Allowed values are: Yes, No, Sauna building, Lakeside sauna.
BALCONY_TYPEType of the balcony in the property. Allowed values are: Balcony, Glazed Balcony, French Balcony
CONDITIONThe general condition of the property, allowed values are: New, Excellent, Good, Mediocre, Poor. This is very good for getting the correct value estimation.
TERRACE_TYPEType of the terrace in the property. Allowed values are: Yes Yes, No, Glazed Terrace

These properties are given as JSON array, as property id/value pairs in the above call's 'properties' property. For example: [{"propertyId":"SAUNA", "value" :"true"},{"propertyId":"NUMBER_OF_ROOMS", "value" :3}]


Property measurements are values related to the property which also may have a time element and they may vary over the course of time. Values used with the properties array. Note, that all of these values can be left out, however, they make value estimations much more accurate.


KITCHEN_TYPEKitchen , Open Plan Kitchen , Kitchenette , Small Kitchen , Kitchenette w/ window , Scullery
SAUNATrue / False
BALCONY_TYPEBalcony,Glazed Balcony,French Balcony
LOT_OWNEDTrue / False
CONDITIONNew, Excellent, Good, Mediocre, Poor