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For all types of units, in order to get value estimation, they need to be attached to a building, which should have all the information about postal code and municipality, and floor area, . For Residential type of units, number of rooms is required to calculate value estimation. For Office, Retail, Storage  types of units, lease agreements are not mandatory but they can affect the result of value estimation.

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Discount rate expresses the time value of money over an investment horizon. We determine the discount rate based on growth rate and yield of a given property according to their type and location (i.e. default discount rate). However, the discount rate also compensates for the risk which an investor is willing to take over the investment. Therefore, discount rate could be adjusted according to your needs (e.g internal rate of return, weighted average cost of capital and so on) by changing the number on your own. If there is no discount rate is provided, the valuation uses the default discount rate as specified in the above.